Azerbaijani Days in World Bank headquarters in Washington

The CBA and the World Bank Office in Azerbaijan jointly held Azerbaijani Days in the WB headquarters in Washington on 15 – 16 March, 2011, the key goal of which was to celebrate fruitful cooperation between the WB and Azerbaijan, further enhance the dialogue with this institution and introduce the Azerbaijani culture to the Bank employees.

CBA officials held meetings with the WB President, the IMF Chief Economist, CEOs of the WB and the IMF and other WB officials during the Azerbaijani Days. The meetings covered the history of development of the cooperation between the WB and Azerbaijan, fruits of this cooperation and future cooperation prospects, the country economic growth strategy of the WB, credit portfolio on Azerbaijan, necessity for mutual exchange of intellectuals, joint projects by Azerbaijan and the WB, growth of the Azerbaijani banking sector, the medium- and long-run strategy of the CBA’s exchange rate policy, as well as macro prudential and supervisory measures taken to enhance financial stability. In parallel, the CBA representatives delivered presentations on Management and Transparency of Oil Revenues and Development of Financial Services.

The CBA organized an exhibition of carpets and silk, a photo gallery in the WB premises to introduce the Azerbaijani culture along with official events, live carpet weaving and national clothes displayed, and national meals delivered to WB and IMF employees to the accompaniment of the classic Azerbaijani music. Pictures and posters, as well as short videos reflecting rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, images of the capital Baku, and economic growth in the country were demonstrated during the event.

Azərbaycan Respublikasının Mərkəzi Bankı 20 ildə