The 1st International Research Conference

The 1st International Research Conference titled Macroeconomic Policies and Financial Stability Issues in Emerging Markets was held in Baku on 30 – 31 October 2014. The conference was attended by about 30 renowned researchers from central banks and universities of 15 countries, as well as researchers from our leading higher institutions and think tanks, and financial – banking sector representatives.

The key goal of the conference was to hold interactive discussions among researchers and policymakers on institutional reforms, the macroeconomic and financial policy framework, as well as post-crisis financial stability issues and challenges in developing economies.

The keynote speakers were Prof. Joshua Aizenman from the South Carolina University on Fiscal and Monetary Policy Concerns of Emerging and Resource Rich Countries in the Post-crisis Period and Prof. Refet Gürkaynak from the Bilkent University on the Optimum Mandate of Central Banking.

The keynote speeches were followed by 7 sessions, where about 30 renowned researchers from leading central banks and universities, as well as researchers from the Center for Researches and Development of the CBA delivered their presentations.

The conference was wound up by summary of research findings and post-crisis macroeconomic challenges in developing and resource rich countries, followed by proposals on formation of the monetary policy framework, and regulation of financial markets.

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