New animation placed on Financial Literacy portal

16 May 2018, Baku: The CBA continues its efforts to implement strategic target 5 titled ‘Increasing knowledge and skills of financial market participants’ of the Strategic Roadmap on Financial Services Development under its mission.

The CBA successfully uses state-of-art intellectual resources during literacy events. The Financial Literacy portal ( hosts various CBA-developed animations, economic games and calculators, contests and other information. The CBA has developed a ‘Bank safes’ animation, since promotion of banking services is one of the main directions of the portal. The animation includes in-depth information on the purpose of the service, its advantages over other storages, rules for its documentation and use, period of storage and other issues.

Please go to: to see the animation.

You can enter the portal from any mobile device or PC with Internet connection to read informative materials, see explanatory animations on banking services and central banking, visit the virtual museum and learn a lot about CBA led financial literacy events.

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