Central Bank holds training for teachers

12 June 2018, Baku: The CBA continues its efforts to implement Strategic target 5 titled ‘Increasing knowledge and skills of financial market participants’ of the Strategic Roadmap on Financial Services Development under its mission. The Bank conducted professional trainings on financial literacy elements integrated to the curriculum for teachers of secondary schools as part of these efforts.

The trainings conducted together with the Baku city Education Office in the second half of the 2017/2018 academic year covered 110 teachers teaching the ‘Understanding the World’ discipline. The trainings covered various topics to raise teachers’ financial literacy for further effective translation of this knowledge to teaching and learning activities. Specialists responded to questions of the teachers who took interest in the said trainings about economic topics.

The teachers were awarded with certificates of completion with the participation of partnering organizations.

The Central Bank is planning to hold various events to raise economic literacy of teachers and pupils of secondary schools.

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