CBA conducts Financial Literacy workshops in preschool and general education institutions

06 July 2018, Baku: As part of the implementation of the target ‘Increasing knowledge and skills of financial market participants’ of the ‘Strategic Roadmap on Development of Financial Services’ in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the CBA conducted workshops in preschool and general education institutions of Baku and Sumgait in Half II of the 2017/2018 academic year. The goal of the workshops, that covered total 540 participants, was to familiarize them on general definitions of financial literacy and CBA’s activity types, and inform on money and its creation and the national monetary units.

The participants saw various video tapes from the Financial Literacy portal (, the Bank staff recommended to use videos in the teaching process, followed by the Q&A session. At the same time, the participants saw a video and presentation on the new 200 note and received various educational materials.

To note, the CBA will continue events oriented towards preschool and general education institutions – one of the key target groups – in the upcoming academic year expanding its initiatives related to the above Strategic Roadmap.

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